About Family Health Care Centers of Greater Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Roots

Family Health Care Centers of Greater Los Angeles (FHCCGLA) has been making an impact on Southern California communities since 1925, when the organization opened its doors as The Mother’s Clinic in Los Angeles' historic Bradbury Building. The Clinic’s founder, Dr. Henry Brainerd, was a champion of women’s health. Dr Brainerd and The Mother’s Clinic founding physicians hoped to foster a community where “every child is a wanted child,” and to become a trusted resource to women in Los Angeles for services ranging from birth control to prenatal, obstetric and pediatric care. The Mother’s Clinic was open to all in need of services, and no applicant was ever refused treatment because she could not afford to pay. It was a safe haven where women could go to receive compassionate, supportive medical attention.

The 20th Century

After 30 thriving years, The Mother’s Clinic became the first Planned Parenthood Center of Greater Los Angeles.  With Dr. Edward Tyler as director, the Center continued to be at the forefront of women’s health advocacy, contributing research to the development of both hormonal contraceptives and infertility treatment techniques.

Looking to expand its focus to better serve the ever growing number indigent and uninsured residents, the center widened its scope of services to include comprehensive primary care for men, women, and children.

Here is a brief history of FHCCGLA:


In 2009 Family Health Care Centers of Greater Los Angeles became a Federally Qualified Health Center, (FQHC) receiving direct support from the U.S. Bureau of Primary Health Care (part of the Health Resources Services Administration). FHCCGLA operates four clinics, the Bell Gardens Medical Center, Hawaiian Gardens Health Center. Maywood Medical Center, and the Downey Family Medical Center. We are also establishing a school based health center at Bell Gardens High School by Summer 2015. FHCCGLA provides comprehensive primary care for men, women, adolescents, and children living in the South East Los Angeles region. Our clinics operate as non-profit community health centers with a goal to provide high quality, coordinated, and complete primary care to uninsured and indigent residents of greater Los Angeles.