Board of Directors

As a nonprofit Community Health Center FHCCGLA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. In compliance with the Bureau of Primary Care guidelines, a majority of our Board is composed of patients of the health center. Board members are tasked with the governance of FHCCGLA, and through their Chief Executive Officer are accountable for the management of all FHCCGLA facilities. The Board meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month.
If you are interested in serving on the Board or would like additional information please contact Ms. Daniela Estrada at (562) 776-5019 or

Mayra Majano, Board Chair
Jorge Ventura, Secretary
Marie Bagwell, Treasurer

Gladys Muños, Member
Robert J. Hooper, Member
Mark A. Lester, Member
Marisol Tlatenchi, Member
Juan Pierri, Member
Ignacio Ramirez, Member